ColouredFemmes is a collection of stories by women of colour; a safe space where black women could tell their stories and demystify what constitutes a woman of colour. ColouredFemmes’ objective is to break down the misconceptions, stereotypes and marginality of intersectionality, black feminism and essentially, women of colour. This way, they will be less marginalized in the eyes of those who don’t understand them, and for other women of colour, it can be a way to empower them and help them through shared wisdom and encouragement.

As women of colour, on top of having to deal with gender inequity, we also have to face racism, colourism or shadeism, oversexualization of our bodies, lack of visibility and misrepresentation in the media, etc. So all of these are major incentives as to why there needs to be a space where we can share, discuss and support one another.

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